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Specialists in Babbitt bearing engineering, manufacturing, rebuilding, reconditioning and repair. 

Our commitment to the customer is un-matched in our industry.

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More About Horizon:

Our bearings’ performance allows customers to achieve trouble-free operation and reduce operating costs.

When working with Babbitt bearing repairs from Horizon, you will be able to strengthen your supply chain immediately. Because of our quality and reliability, you will not have to worry about disruptions caused by services provided by distant suppliers. With decades of experience working with a variety of industries, we are able to share our knowledge with you.

Bearing Services:

Bearing Products and Accessories

Centrifugal Casting & Rebabbitting

General Fabrication & Machining

Hydrogen Seals

Industry Applications

Manufacture of New Babbitt Bearings

Bushing Customs

Bushing Fan

Bushings Split

Bushing Thrust

Repair, Rebabbitting & Rebuilding

Reverse Engineering of Babbitt Bearings

Static Pour

Thrust Assembly Repair

Tig Welding Repair

Ultrasonic Test

Bushing Plain

Sleeve Type


Turbine Bearings

CNC Services:

High-speed cutting tools are used to create designs from metal or plastic stock and is commonly referred to as CNC machining, or computer numerical control machining in an automated manufacturing process. A standard CNC machine includes milling machines with three or four axes, lathes with four or five axes, and routers with five axes. It may vary from machine to machine how CNC parts are cut. The work piece may remain in place while the cutting tool moves, the tool may remain in place while the work piece rotates and moves, or both the cutting tool and the work piece may be moved simultaneously. 

Prototyping Services:

We use a variety of prototyping techniques and tailor the process to meet your product’s specific requirements.  In order to improve and perfect your product for manufacture and sale in the future, we understand that prototyping is an iterative process that involves improvement and perfection.


Todd Smith – President

Matt Goff – President

Stephanie Calabrese – General Manager