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Babbitt Bearing Engineering

Our commitment to the customer is un-matched in our industry.

Leader in Babbitt Bearings

Engineering, manufacturing, rebuilding, reconditioning and repair.

Babbitt Bearing

Reconditioning and Repair.


We use a variety of prototyping techniques and tailor the

process to meet your product’s specific requirements.


Horizon designs and builds custom fixtures and

precision gages for a variety of applications.

Babbitt Bearing Repair

For exceptional Babbitt bearing repair services, Horizon Machine is your go-to choice. As one of the industry’s top manufacturers of Babbitt bearings and components, we provide unparalleled quality, expert advice, and the fastest turnaround times. Our competitive pricing paired with high-quality products ensures complete customer satisfaction. Trust us to repair your Babbitt bearings with the utmost expertise in a timely manner.

Centrifugal Casting & Rebabbitting

For your centrifugal casting and Babbitt bearing repair needs, our process begins by melting and baking the bearing to eliminate the Babbitt and oil. Afterward, the tin components undergo grit blasting, meticulous inspection, and immersion in molten tin for a comprehensive duration of 20 minutes. This process ensures a strong and reliable bond between the new Babbitt and the bearing’s outer layer, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.


Our machine prototyping services offer a diverse range of techniques, customized to meet the specific requirements of your product. Recognizing that prototyping is an iterative process aimed at enhancing and refining your product for future manufacturing and sales, we prioritize improvement and perfection. Trust us to guide you through this journey of refining and perfecting your machine prototype to ensure its success in the market.

Babbitt Manufacturing

We offer comprehensive Babbitt manufacturing services that include creating new bearings from your existing bearings or using drawings provided by you. Whether you require a spare or need a replacement for a damaged beyond repair bearing, Horizon is here to assist you with all your bearing needs. We can reverse engineer your requirements based on your current bearings or specifications provided by you.

CNC Machining

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. By using pre-programmed software and code, it accurately controls complex machinery like grinders, lathes, and turning mills. This technology enables precise control and automation, delivering precise cuts, shapes, and fabrication of parts and prototypes. Count on us for exceptional CNC machining results.


CNC machining is highly suitable for creating fixtures and small maintenance tools. Depending on the design and specifications of the product, we utilize various processing methods such as die-casting, bending, drilling, turning, milling, and injection molding. Our CNC products are crafted using high-quality metal alloy raw materials, ensuring durability, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures



  • Custom wooden boxes and crates are built for short use and long term storage

  • Shrink wrapped to pallets for immediate use and delivery

  • Coated with LPS Rust Inhibitor and wrapped in Vapor Paper

  • Painted with Horizon Machine’s trademark red 

  • Cushioned with Horizon Machine’s trademark taffy



  • Ultrasonic inspection reports provided

  • Dimensional inspection reports provided

  • Certificate of Babbitt analysis provided

  • Dye Penetrant inspection reports provided

  • Detailed job traveler for each bearing with as received and completed photographs, sizes, notes, etc. held in house for seven years



  • Measuring equipment and calibration per #1-92-007N

  • Performance Testing per #1-92-011N

  • Ultrasonic Testing per #1-92-002G

  • Dye Penetrant Testing per #1-92-011N

  • Granite Tables

  • Quoting by phone, fax or email



  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Forklift Operator
  • Welding


Bearing Products and Accessories

Centrifugal Casting & Rebabbitting

General Fabrication & Machining

Hydrogen Seals

Industry Applications

Manufacture of New Babbitt Bearings

Bushing Customs

Bushing Fan

Bushings Split

Bushing Thrust

Repair, Rebabbitting & Rebuilding 

Reverse Engineering of Babbitt Bearings

Static Pour

Thrust Assembly Repair

Tig Welding Repair

Ultrasonic Test

Bushing Plain

Sleeve Type


Turbine Bearings

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“If it’s got babbitt on it… WE WANT IT”

At present, we are located in a state-of-the-art 8,000 square foot building that we constructed back in 1997 in Tempe, Arizona. Horizon has earned a reputation for excelling in two main areas: Babbitt bearings and prototypes, and in a surprising twist these two specialties actually complement each other quite often. Whenever we encounter a challenge where a fixture or technique is lacking, we develop and produce a cutting-edge prototype to fill the gap.

What’s more, the team at Horizon Machine is not only equipped to handle the manufacturing and repair of Babbitt bearings with professionalism and efficiency, but we are also a top-notch machine shop prepared to cater to any machining needs that come our way. Our shop is fully staffed, stocked, and operational so we can always provide top-notch service to you.

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