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  • Business Type: Small Business >500​

  • NAICS Class Code:  332710 Manufacturing - Machine Shop

  • Tax ID #:  30-1036616

  • SAM/CCR Certified and Active

"If it's got babbitt on it ... WE WANT IT"

Currently we are in a state of the art 8,000 square foot building that we had built in 1997 in Tempe, Arizona.  Horizon is known for two specialties; babbitt bearings and prototypes.  Shockingly one helps the other on many occasions.  If a fixture or technique does not currently exist, we develop it and create the original prototype.


Not only is Horizon Machine a fully staffed, stocked, and functioning babbitt bearing manufacturing and repair house, we are also a top of the line machine shop here to help with any machining need that might walk in the door.

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